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Local Times and Local Weather Around the World
Check out the various types of travel insurance available from Travel Guard International
MedJet is a great program that will bring you home if you get sick or injuried
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Know Before You Go from U.S. Customs
U.S. Government
National Center for Infectious Diseases
Traveler's Health Program
U.S. Department of State's Main Page contains links to all manner of useful information. You may also want to check Travel Warnings.
What you can, and can't, take in your carryone luggage.
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With my husband John on Alaska Cruise

You can search for your dream vacation on this page. Many of the companies now offer online brochures. ( This takes a minute and sometimes other people's servers are down. Be patient, it is faster than if we mailed it to you.) You still contact me to book the trip (or get an old fashioned brochure) But this will hopefully be a much more efficent way of getting information to you.

Since I teach Travel & Tourism, as well as operate my own travel agency, I think it is extremely important to keep up with changes in the industry. The Internet has certainly changed the travel business. Some of this change is good. But I do not believe you can purchase complicated travel arrangements from a "vending machine". Particularly in these uncertain times, it is still a good idea to have a real person to talk with about your travel plans. This is an interesting article on fraudulant travel web sites.

Now we can both take advantage of the technology and you can still deal with some one you know and trust.
There are some good deals on consolidator tickets for international travel available on this page. Or maybe you are interested in a Spa.
Both Collette Tours and Superclubs have state of the art web sites. You can book on either one of them or email me and we will book it the old fashioned way. Sandals and Beaches also have some great deals.
Amazon has many interesting travel books.
This is a work in progress. Keep checking back. I will be adding new things often.